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Testimonial: Salvatore Severino, London Letterbox 

Salvatore Severino is the production manager for London Letterbox, a busy print marketing company based in south-west London. Following a trial of ProStudio, Salvatore saw immediate benefits in adopting the platform as a way of streamlining design and print procurement. We caught up with Salvatore at the ProStudio Demo Day to get his take on SAXOPRINT’s new online community.  

What were your first impressions of the platform?

Salvatore: I really liked it. I thought it was very slick, very quick, and informative. I remember thinking the interface was very user-friendly, and knowing that there’d be no problem with the guys back in the office using it. From a business point of view, it’s just so great to have everything centralised with regards to both design and print processes, it saves a lot of emails. 

Were there any particular features or tools that stood out?

I really liked the two-way functionality; being put in immediate contact with an actual designer, then being able to have a conversation with them and share project-related assets was brilliant. I also liked being able to view different designers based on their specialist design skills, such as leaflets or business cards, and select them based on reviews from their previous project work.

How important is it for your business to work with professional designers?  

It’s very important for London Letterbox to have designers who are sufficiently skilled and experienced in print work. The approval process that ProStudio is founded on really cuts out the hassle of having to go out to market. The community’s rating system also removes the uncertainty of approaching new designers.

How did you find the process of sourcing a designer using ProStudio?

I found the format of the designer profiles to be really helpful, all the information you need is instantly visible. You can see previous work they’ve done to help you get an idea of the quality and style of their work, their typical customer base, and their design capabilities and experience. 

For us, it’s about finding that balance of quality and responsiveness in a designer, and ProStudio’s navigation functions, coupled with the content from the client-submitted reviews will no doubt help push us in the right direction.

What other benefits does the platform offer your business? 

From a business perspective, I see so many benefits that ProStudio can offer us and our clients, it’s a lovely bit of software. Just as the designer information is immediately visible, we’ve got all of our company details on there, who we are, what we do, and setting that up was really straightforward. The asset management tools are key as well, and I imagine they will be a great help to many businesses – they really help to streamline the exchange of important project information between designers and businesses. 

What impact do you think ProStudio will have on your marketing activities? 

I can certainly see our marketing and print processes speeding up as a result. ProStudio’s ease of access should have a significant effect on our efficiency as a business. The ability to source all our design and print from one place, rather than having to approach multiple suppliers and printers will help us greatly in terms of driving our business forward. 

“From a business perspective, ProStudio offers us so many benefits”