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Testimonial: Drew Selman, Lemon Creative 

Drew Selman is creative director of Lemon Creative, an award-winning graphic design agency based in Kent. Drew was one of the first designers to join the ProStudio community, having been attracted to the idea of an online platform that made it easier for him to meet new clients and showcase his work to the world. We caught up with Drew at one of the ProStudio Demo Days following his trial run of the platform. 

What was it about the premise of ProStudio that interested you?

Drew: As a designer, one of the hardest things to do is generate new clients and find new business. Having another avenue to generate that business, and one that includes print in the process, was an idea that interested me greatly. Getting involved with ProStudio in its early stages was a no-brainer. 

What were your first impressions of the platform?

What immediately struck me about ProStudio was the very clean interface, as quite a puritan designer that was something that really appealed to me. I liked the fact that ProStudio wasn’t constructed around an over-complicated tab system or some other lengthy navigation process.

How did you find it performed? Were there any particular features or functionalities that stood out?

Setting up my profile on ProStudio was a piece of cake, I’m not a technically-minded person, but I found it very easy to do. Within seconds I’d propagated images onto the site and had them transcoded into the right format. Overall it was very straightforward, very easy to pick up and use.

In terms of more unique features, I liked the opportunity to be able to converse with other designers. Not only will this allow people like me to pass on knowledge and experience from over the years, but it will also allow those designers who are new to the profession to tap into a pool of industry knowledge. ProStudio is something that is there for everybody to benefit from, regardless of experience and I really like that. 

Do you feel there is currently enough conversation between fellow design professionals?

I think there tends to be a rivalry among fellow designers who are looking to source work, and they don’t like the idea of talking with the enemy. The communal aspect of ProStudio completely subverts that, and encourages design professionals to share their ideas and encourage one another so we can all win the work we deserve. 

Before becoming a star designer on ProStudio, how did you normally go about sourcing new clients for design work?  

Most of my clients were acquired through word of mouth. What’s great about ProStudio is that it’s a similar premise - it’s still essentially a referral system, the difference is that I don’t have to do all the networking, I can just sit and wait for the briefs to come in.

How do you feel ProStudio differs from other online freelancing platforms?

There are lots of people out there trying to get designers and businesses together, but this is the first time someone from the print end has decided to step up. The fact that SAXOPRINT have managed to do this while making the whole process more intuitive and collaborative is very impressive. 

ProStudio gives me the opportunity to offer my clients good quality design work that is guaranteed to be printed at a reasonable price. Considering most of our work is done for start-ups and SMEs, cost-effective printing is key. Also, amalgamating the design and print processes makes the overall transaction a lot more efficient than those of other freelance or networking platforms. 

“What’s great about ProStudio is that I don’t have to do all the networking, I can just sit and wait for the briefs to come in”