ProStudio FAQs


How do I get paid?

The ProStudio website doesn’t manage any financial transactions between designers and customers. We provide an environment to collaborate on project briefs, conduct a dialogue, and share project assets only.

Payment terms and methods of payment are the responsibility of the designer and the customer to agree and manage. You can use the ProStudio messaging function to do this, but actual payments need to be made outside the ProStudio environment. 

If you do experience issues or disputes with payment you can contact the SAXOPRINT customer service team and we may be able to help mediate, depending on the specific circumstances. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

See our general terms & conditions for more information.

I like to know about my brief invitations as soon as possible, do I have to be logged into ProStudio all day?

Don’t worry, ProStudio sends you email notifications whenever there’s activity on your profile. If you get a message, or a brief invite, or someone marks your project complete, you’ll know about it, wherever you are. 

So how do I win work?

ProStudio is a platform that rewards real design talent. With that in mind, we decided to do away with the chaotic bidding system that often saturates other freelancing platforms. 

With SAXOPRINT ProStudio, you win work based on the strength of your portfolio, and how clients rate your work, then it’s a case of letting the business come to you!

There are of course certain factors that will improve your chances of winning work, such as your chosen skillsets and availability, but your portfolio is your most powerful tool here. 

Learn how to put together a work-winning project page.

I need to send certain files (typefaces, logos and other brand imagery) to my designer, can I do this on ProStudio?

Yes you can! When creating your brief, scroll to the bottom of the page to find our asset uploader. Click the ‘Add Files’ button in the bottom left hand corner. Once you’ve selected the assets you wish to send, click ‘Start Upload’, then ‘Update Brief’ once the file has uploaded.  

If you forget to attach your files first time round, no drama! Simply find the project in ‘My Briefs’, click ‘Edit Briefs’ and follow the same process. 

I want to send my client a preview of my design work, how can I do this?

ProStudio’s asset management functionality allows designers to attach files to their messages. 

Once you’ve selected the right project from ‘My Briefs’, scroll down to your conversation with the client. Click on the orange ‘Add Assets’ button to open the asset uploader. Click the ‘Add Files’ button in the bottom left hand corner, then once you’ve selected the assets you wish to send, click ‘Start Upload’. 

All files must be in either jpeg or png format. Note that there is an upload limit of 2 megabytes. 

What if I don’t understand the brief?

ProStudio allows you to send messages to prospective clients once you’ve been selected to look at a brief. If there’s anything you don’t understand about the brief, or if you’d like clarification on any element of the job, you can use ProStudio messaging to open a dialogue and ask these questions. 

Communication is key to a successful client relationship, so the sooner you respond and get the dialogue going the better. It’s also important to remember that some clients, although experts in their own field, don’t have a huge amount of print experience, and might need some guidance from a print design professional. Guidance and support from a good designer is highly valuable to an inexperienced client and may well lead to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. 

ProStudio also offers help and advice on topics including ‘How to create a great brief’ (, so feel free to point your clients to these resources if you want them to provide a clearer brief.

What if I can’t meet the deadline?

Before you agree to take on a design project you should be confident that you can meet the client’s deadline. ProStudio is a review-driven platform, so hitting deadlines and meeting the requirements of a brief are key factors in achieving good reviews. 

Good reviews will improve your visibility and popularity within the community, which will ultimately get you more work, so bear this in mind when you accept a brief invitation. 

We’ve all been in a situation where we take on work in good faith, only to find that unforeseen circumstances make it difficult to fulfil those commitments.  If you’ve agreed to take on a project and for some reason are finding it hard to meet the deadline, you should make every effort to get in touch with your client as early as possible and explain the situation. 

Feedback from print customers strongly suggests that good, timely communication is really important to clients. If you do experience problems of any kind on a project please use the ProStudio messaging function to get in touch with your client as early as possible. That way, you stand a much better chance of resolving any problems and giving the client enough time to rearrange their project work, avoiding a terrible review in the process.

What happens if a designer doesn’t meet my brief or I don’t like the work?

It is usual to provide feedback and some amends to design work after the initial design phase, and most client feedback can be accommodated by a designer at this stage. But, if you’re not happy with any element of the service provided by a designer you should use the ProStudio messaging function to contact the designer as early in the process as possible.

It’s important you select a designer with the right experience to properly service your brief. You should make sure you review designer portfolios and ask questions about a designer’s experience before you decide who you invite to work on your brief. Investing a bit of time at this stage of the process will pay dividends later on. Pay particular attention to the ranking and reviews a designer has received from other customers. Peer review is central to ProStudio and these reviews are intended to be an honest reflection of the service you can expect to receive from a designer. 

You should also make sure your brief is as good as it can be. The higher the quality of the brief the better the chance of great work coming out the other end. If you’d like help and advice on how to create a great brief, you should check out our ‘Help’ section where you’ll find briefing hints and tips from our Star Designers.

What if my project involves producing several different print products? 

ProStudio only allows for one print product to be selected when creating a brief. Should you want to produce several items of print (perhaps if you’re conducting a large-scale offline campaign or if you’re completely revamping your brand identity), there are two ways you can do this. You can either break down your entire project into several briefs, with one allocated for each product, or you can simply specify within your brief the range of print products you would like designed – just be sure to select an appropriate budget that accounts for all the work involved!

From there, select all the products you would like printed from SAXOPRINT’s online shop. 

How does the invitation process work? How many designers can I invite?

You can invite up to three designers at a time to review your brief. Send the same brief to all three designers, then sit back and wait for a response. Designers are asked to respond to brief invitations within 24 hours and this is one of the important markers for what we consider a quality designer to be. 

It’s important to invite more than one designer, since in some cases designers may not be available to meet your deadline, or may feel unable to respond to your brief. If this is the case, the designer in question should decline your invitation - then it’s up to you to invite additional designers. 

Once you’ve had a positive response from a designer you can choose to commission them to work on your brief. This constitutes a commercial agreement between client and designer, and it’s at this point you should discuss and clarify deadlines and payment terms directly. You’ll also be required at this stage to inform any other designers invited to review the brief but not selected, that the brief is now closed and has been commissioned with another designer.   

How does printing work? 

Once you’ve completed your design project, you can order print production direct from the SAXOPRINT online shop. 

Ordering print products couldn’t be easier - SAXOPRINT offers print templates that are perfectly configured to ensure your print job runs smoothly. We offer 48-hour turnaround on jobs received before 5pm, with transparent pricing (VAT free in some cases), environmentally conscious printing, and even a standard artwork check thrown in free of charge!

What if I don’t need my work printing with SAXOPRINT?

No problem! We understand that a lot of businesses have their own in-house printing facilities, or simply don’t need print production right away. 

If you’d rather have your print produced somewhere else, you’re also free to do so. Any artwork files produced by designers through ProStudio can be taken away and print jobs processed by any professional printer. 

Of course, we’d rather you use SAXOPRINT, which is why we offer a range of discounts and incentives for first time customers. Contact our customer service team if you want to know more. 

If you don’t need SAXOPRINT’s printing services for whatever reason, simply select ‘Design’ under the project fulfilment section when creating your brief.