How to enter

The Great British Postcard Competition is officially open for entries!

Entering your postcard is easy. Follow our simple steps and your miniature masterpiece will be in front of our judges in a jiffy.

The deadline for submissions is 31 August, after which our judges will have the task of shortlisting their favourites, and your family and friends will have the opportunity to vote for you! 

Finalists will see their postcards exhibited at the prestigious Proud Camden in September, with a VIP awards evening hosted by iconic British personalities, and alternative thinkers. #TGBPC exhibition is a real opportunity to gain exposure for your work, and sip a G’nT alongside some distinguished names in the UK design industry.

Good luck!

1. Download your postcard template

Download your postcard template in your preferred file format. Choose from InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or PDF.

Your canvas is ready!

2. Get creative

Create your Great British postcard with whatever media you like - graphic design, photography, illustration, poetry. Just remember to format your artwork to the dimensions of the postcard template (148mm x 105mm) and at 300dpi.

Job’s a good’un.

3. Upload your postcard

Go to the Enter your design page and, you guessed it Sherlock, upload your postcard.

Remember you must add your message and personal details to complete your entry.

4. View, vote and share

Share your postcard on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and get your friends to vote for your design. Plus don’t forget to vote for your favourites too.

Feeling inspired?

Got an idea worth sharing? Enter the competition now!

2016 was a big year for the UK, a big year for planet Earth. Brexit happened, Trump arrived, and a long list of the great and good from British popular culture, sadly, left us to face 2017 alone. Change is good though…right?
We want you to sum up what Britain means to you, using a simple postcard format – the original ‘social media’. From the faded glamor of seaside towns to the hustle and bustle of city crowds, from woodland beauty and suburban snooty to village greens and slot machines – this is Britain in 2017!
Inspired, moved, angered, or even outraged by what you see? It’s time to give us your take. Celebrate all that’s positive in your local community. Rage against the establishment. Share a gorgeous sunset. Tackle social issues head on. Lament days gone by. Big up developments in tech. Give Britain a loving kiss. Give this sceptred isle a good kicking. 
Choose Brexit. Choose grime. Choose goalkeepers eating pies…it’s your call. 

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